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Chaos and Catacombs is a 2D Action-Adventure platformer with some rouge-like inspired elements. You play as the daring Adventurer who has been trapped in THE DUNGEON by the evil wizard Cosmo. Will you be able to face the perils and escape? Features:

  • Randomly Generated Items and Enemies!
  • Challenging Levels!
  • Retro-Styled Visuals!
  • Formidable bosses!
  • Xbox Controller Support!
  • A DnD Inspired Story!
  • Multiplayer Survival Mode!

Chaos and Catacombs is a Game Developed by Foxie Games Studios, a team of college students who poured their blood sweat and tears into this game. Have Fun!

This game utilizes the A* pathfinding project found here: https://arongranberg.com/astar/

This game utilizes the Photon Networking Engine found here: https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/Photon

Install instructions

Unpack and run the EXE!


ChaosAndCatacombs-V1.0.zip 26 MB

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